What People Are Saying…

“Bruce McGregor has been one of my best friends for a number of years, he is wise. I learn so much by watching him, watching how he lives … I learned a long time ago if you want to learn something go to a person who is demonstrating what he is teaching. Bruce does that. If you are looking for a coach, pick Bruce and do what he suggests.”

– Bob Proctor, Chairman & Co-Founder, The Proctor Gallagher Institute

“Bruce McGregor has cleverly created the most effective guidance for helping others get to where they want to go using his GPS System. I have known Bruce McGregor for years. He delivers with a spirit of generosity, and approaches others with a total willingness to help them succeed. Everything he does is exceptional and he truly knows his stuff. Listen to this man! You’ll be glad you did.”

– Peggy McColl, NY Times Best Selling Author, aka ‘The Best Seller Maker’

“The wisdom, stories and strategies you’ll find inside GPS Millionaire have the power to dramatically transform your life. This book goes way beyond mastering the science of becoming a financial millionaire … it also unlocks your ability to paint a beautiful piece of art which makes up this ‘thing’ we call ‘Our Life’. When you choose to explore this amazing book, it will indeed perform as your GPS navigation for Growth, Prosperity and Success in your world.”

– Trace Haskins, Chief Awesomeness Officer, The Awesomeness Company

“I have learned so much from studying and being guided by Bruce McGregor. He is a wealth of information and knowledge. His thoughtful actions, his gentle words from the heart and wisdom make a huge difference. Bruce is an inspiration to my world.”

–  Clare Cook, Owner of ‘Weigh What You Want’, New York City, New York

“Bruce McGregor’s genuine passion to help and inspire other people has attracted the support and guidance of some of the greatest leaders in the personal development industry. Bruce experience and unique style of teaching will help you to find your purpose, tap into your infinite potential and help you to start living the life you truly deserve to live.”

–  Tibi Uriasu, Bucharest, Romania

“I have personally master-minded with Bruce McGregor every week for well over a year. He embodies the word “coach”. Bruce is constantly sharing his wealth of knowledge and has a true passion for my success. Just imagine what your life will be like, to spend time with an individual who will help you navigate toward your higher destination. A true GPS!”

–  Jason Grimaud, Atlanta, Georgia

“I have known Bruce for quite a few years and he is an incredible coach. He has an ability to uplift and help you shift from where you are to where you want to be like not many do. Work with Bruce and enjoy the ride to success!”

–  Ihren Abrahamsson, Oslo, Norway

“Every now and then you meet people who have a huge impact on your thinking. Bruce is one of these people. He listens, and truly hears you. Then he gives very insightful comments that make the world of difference in whatever you’re doing.  I really enjoy learning from Bruce. Listen to him, he puts things in such a way that anyone can ‘get it’.”

–  Jill Hutchison, Perth, Australia